Welcome to the Gunpla Maboroshi - my gallery of gunpla (plastic models based on mecha shown in Gundam anime metaseries) photography. Photos you'll find here are far from ordinary. Each of them is an attempt to show you my models through the eyes of my imagination as well as to give life to my models.
On this website I'll also share my knowledge about modelling and photography.
I wholeheartedly hope that you will find your stay here pleasant and fun!



27 May 2010

Hello everyone. It's been awhile since I made some progress here. As you can (or could) read on the shout box i was planning to buy some gunplas and make a picture of 1/100 HG Epyon. While the latter will appear, I won't be buying any gunplas for few months. Well, that's not all that sad for me, because the reason for it is that i'm buying new PC and a car. Anyways I'll postpone release of the Epyon picture, as I want to make my idea come true on my new PC, but no worries, it will happen soon, as I already have most of PC parts.

13 March 2010

Since old visitor counter seems to be down i'm texting new one, hopefully there won't be any pop-ups. For now it will appear only on the main page, but if everything turns out well, i will also add it to other pages.

06 March 2010

I'm one day late with it, but i was too tired yesterday to do anything. Anyways I've made some pictures of those test weapons (read: parts I don't care if they get damaged) you've seen at my drybrushing tutorial and added them to guide's page, so that you can see the results better.

04 March 2010

I finally managed so solve my problem with uploading videos to youtube - it turns out the problem was my network structure (my PC is connected to the other PC, which is connected to the Internet, by wireless network; i know, i know, i should have tried it sooner). Since I finally managed to upload the video I present you with my very first video guide - guide to drybrushing. I will also add some pictures, but I'll do it tommorow, since I'm too tired right now.

I started developing my weathering skills hoping to use them on Repair Exia (MG Exia Ignition Mode) some day :) but it will probably take few months for me to buy it D=

PS Only 1 day passed since the last update - oh how I'd like to always keep such pace :D

03 March 2010

I have finished my little project of lightning gunplas up, and as a result I wrote a guide on how to make LED Units yourself. I managed to make 4 LED units (and it took me about 30 minutes to make all of them and costed a little about 1.25 euro to make all of them (excluding the battery). I could power only 1 up, though, as I had only 1 battery :D, still all of them have been tested and work.

27 February 2010

Last week I've finished building my MG GN-X so today I have a new picture for you :). I made an imprevement in resolution in this picture and I hope I'll be able to continue doing them this way: not only resolution is higher (1600 pixels wide), but it's also available in both normal and widescreen (16:10) proportions, so that you may be able to use it as a wallpaper more easily. I didn't try lesser resolutions as you can easily change them in any graphical program, though.

14 February 2010

Today I bring you one more picture :), and it's only 1 day after previous picture! I am able to do that because i'm still sick :( and I started right after finishing Virtue photo. Anyways I hope you'll like new picture :)

13 February 2010

I wasn't actually planning to shoot my 1/144s, but i have fallen ill :( so i have more free time on my hands, so instead of waiting for my MG GN-X to arrive I made new picture :). This time it's Gundam Virtue and I couldnt help myself and I needed to pose it with its GN Bazooka in Burst Mode.

I still can't figure out why I am not able to uplaod videos to youtube. I start uploading but after few seconds it says "Uploading failed" and it does so each time i try. I already tried stopping my firewall and anti-virus program, but nothing seems to help. I even tried compressing it with different codecs, but with the same result each time. If you have any idea what may be wrong then please, send me an email.

06 February 2010

I made yet another picture. I'm not sure I won't be changing it in the future, because there's just one detail inside the cockpit that i'm not sure I like enough (metal bars), but it'll stay until i figure out how to make it the way I'd like it. If I don't figure it out, though, it'll stay, as in general i'm really content with overall "feel" of the picture.

I also made a video tutorial, but I'm having some problems uploading it to youtube, but I'll post in on the website once i figure out what's the problem.

01 February 2010

After almost a year of inactivity this site is back, but almost everything has changed. Not only the name and layout are new, but whole purpose of this place has changed as well: reviews are gone. I hope you like the changes, and if you're new visitorn I hope you'll like the place as it is now.